Strike: (Ballantine, New York): George Hall photos, about the Naval Strike Warfare Center  (Fallon, NV, near Reno, Nevada); TOP GUN X10. Sold out, 10m copies.

Show Me the Money: Writing career overview—technical writing, business plans, ads, PR, nonfiction, fiction, screenplays. 82,500 words, complete.

Personal Energy/Get It, Share It, Win With It: physical, emotional, intellectual, sexual, professional energy. 85,000 words, complete.

The New Devil’s Dictionary: cynical compendium/definition of many modern words and phrases in the digital age; proposal, text 50% completed, 65,000 words.


Sierra Sierra: flying novel (Wm. Morrow, New York) on fighting the F-4 Phantom in Vietnam, flying the U-2 Spy Plane (I was first journalist/pilot to do so) and soaring (I’m a glider pilot); sold out 1st (2m) and 2nd editions (5m);

A Full Accounting: U.S. Navy pilot Tom Farmer, downed in ’Nam, is taken to the USSR to train Soviet pilots—one of 614 POW/MIAs lost in SEAsia , not sent home. His sister Gina, a Navy pilot, meets a US-visiting Russian pilot, Nick Vetrov, who knew Tom in the USSR and rescues Tom from the gulag; 135,000 words, complete.

The Red Princess: ‘First person’—young San Francisco girl, mistreated by her parents, suffers  from OCD (cutting, burning herself); an autodidact, she teaches herself to read and write, gets a life helped by a Jamaican woman and two fine men and finally confronts her powerful father after her mother dies. 65,000 words, complete (pen name ‘Julia Wood’).

Role Play & Random Asides: short-story collections, 75,000/68,000 words.

Lili et LouLou: Wendy Wilson, mentored in Paris by a great French actress, then trained in the U.S. as a pastry chef, returns to Paris with deadly results—she kills a movie director in a posh Paris hotel, ending in a Paris-New York-Los Angeles chase; 82,000 words, complete.

Chameleon (Loulou sequel): Wendy moves to San Francisco, meets an estate lawyer, helps him create three wild but unsuccessful scams on rich, powerful men, after which they try to acquire five million-dollar bearer bonds from the firm’s safe; 78,000 words, complete.

Simia (Chameleon sequel): Wendy moves to London; Brit anthropologist and American F/X expert won Oscars for a reprise of the ‘2001’ opening scenes; ripped professionally, they find/train/costume Wendy as a missing-link simian, ‘discover’ her on Ayers Rock to ‘prove’ reverse evolution and hoax the world scientific community; 120,000 words, complete.

Salon (Simia sequel): With fees from her Simia adventure filmed as a documentary, Wendy returns to Paris and creates a salon in the spirit of her mentor from Loulou; she does not realize that she is a CIA pawn engaged in global espionage; proposal and 35 pages.

K.K.: A Japanese multibillionaire, whose parents were killed at Hiroshima, funds a process to extract gold from the sea, to control world gold and fresh-water markets, pit the U.S. against Russia in world conflict, enable the Japanese to rule the world; proposal and 30 pages.