Second bite of a delicious apple

Nostalgia attacks at the Laguna Seca race track as I fling my leg over this lovely, iconic Norton ‘Featherbed,’ known the world over as one of the finest race motorcycles ever conceived: all the old familiar sights and sounds, the identical saddle, throttle, footpegs and lever ergonomics. I’m home again. It’s as if I never left. Great motorcycles—like great . . . anything—live forever. The sensations are immensely pleasing. I am transported back to my youth as if by magic, watching Geoff Duke and John Surtees win on the Island, on Featherbeds, then having the chance to ride one as a motojournalist, wishing I could have raced it but waaaay too slow. Take a deep breath. Force down the upwelling of memories and concentrate. Make every instant count. The owner’s wife … [Read more...]